Maison Rousseau, a French grocery store

Maison Rousseau is a cheese shop & a delicatessen located in the artistic district of Cours Julien, in the 6th arrondissement of Marseille. For your indulgence, our selection with powerful aromas, exceptional artisanal products will meet your tasting desires for simple and family platters, organization of receptions for your guests as well as exceptional thematic evenings for your personal or professional events. . The sweet touch, thanks to our traditional and tasty recipes from French pastry with family flavors, notes of praline and the taste of cream and butter, will give your convivial meals or your one-to-one dinners a unique emotion, the sharing memories, the emotion of Childhood rediscovered by a light sweet taste ...

In those days, the manufacture of each product was the subject of great care. To relive these traditions and rediscover the good taste of yesteryear, the Fromagerie offers you a culinary journey through time.

Eggs, cream, butter, a tasty trilogy to rediscover French culinary culture

The Rousseau cheese dairy offers a range of delicatessen products which has the particularity of being dictated by taste: we select our producers on gustatory and human criteria. The breeding conditions offer excellence for all cold cuts, as well as for dairy products. Our producers breed rustic and local breeds in protected designation areas. The powerful flavor of our 70 cheese references, predominantly raw milk, will delight your taste buds: above all our specialties from Provence, an exclusive selection of Brousse and goat cheese for the pleasure of the palate!

France has a culinary heritage where the cheese dairy has an essential place: the finesse of the taste and the incredible aromatic bouquet of cheese products are honored at Maison Rousseau. We choose cheeses with the characteristics of the land and with a strong flavor.

Rousseau selection, cultivate your taste

We choose our producers with rigor for the secrets passed down from generation to generation.


Le goût des épices



Madame Rousseau

Once upon a time, there was a French woman who cultivated the good taste of fresh, authentic and local products .... Renée Paule Rousseau was born in 1914 in a pretty French village, in the heart of a bourgeois family. Educated in literature, painting, and the nobility of music, Renée Paule Rousseau believed that gastronomy was an art! A culinary art, and that each product had to be selected with care.

Madame Rousseau passed on the French cultural heritage through tasty cooking and delicatessen recipes that enchanted the childhood days of her grandson Cyrille.

As a tribute to its gourmet know-how, to this French family culture, Fromagerie Rousseau offers to relive this heritage thanks to artisanal, fresh and tasty products!